A couple of months ago, in this thread Jeremy acknowledged the logging loophole and said there was no reason to close it. Since then I have been inundated with emails asking how to do it. I am now posting the steps publicly, as I fully believe that the purpose of MO caches is to prevent non-members from viewing the page, as WH said. I see no reason to prevent non-members from logging those caches.

Go to any cache. Click the link, "log your visit."
That will take you to a page with a url such as http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?ID=89885

If you know the numeric ID of the MOC cache you want to log, just change the number at the end of the url.

If you don't know the numeric ID, change the "ID=" to "WP=" and replace the number with the GC code so you get:

From there just log as usual.

I also discovered another method that is a bit easier:

  1. Log in as a member and go to the "Post a new log" page for the MOC.
  2. Log out and back in as non-member. The "Post a new log" page loads again.
  3. Enter your log as usual.

Either way, it looks like the loop hole has been opened again after it had been inadvertantly closed during a site update.

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